Conversations with women changing the status quo.

Welcome to Inflection Point, a nationally syndicated public radio show and podcast.

Every week the women who are shaping our future join Lauren Schiller for an honest conversation.


Produced in partnership with KALW 91.7FM in San Francisco, we are delivered to public radio stations nationwide via PRX.

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With more women in leadership than ever before, there's no question our society is poised for great change. In every episode, Lauren talks with the women who are changing the status quo–to find out how they do it, shed light on the challenges they still face, and hear their unique perspectives on what it means to be a woman in power today. In every conversation we uncover the potential of women to transform our world. 

What will that change look like? Listen in to find out.

     Produced in partnership with KALW

     Produced in partnership with KALW